Model Plane Foam users continue to build interesting planes from our material.  Following are those posted to the MPF thread on RCGroups in recent days:

Updated 6-6-2013


Meanbaby's pair of Polari

meanbaby's pair of Polaris's (Polari?)

icsteve's bronco

gatorb8's F22 - nice paint!

dwillman's twin boom jet

davidterrel's pair: something old and something new!

brettc's bronco - first MPF plane in Australia!

springer's One Sheet Edge 540  - the first MPF onesheeter

Gatorb8's wings

Hammer 38

Rcpilot43964 A7

rcpilot43964 Phantom

Daedalus66 Manta

rcpilot43964 SeaVixen

rcpilot43964 Skyray

springer Mustang

Dakota Bender's light house (doesn fly, though other than the flag!)

dz1sfb Mermaid

dz1sfb's Shrike combat