First Plane from MPF by SGTalon: Buck Rogers Star Fighter.

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SGTalon's second MPF Space Plane, the Enterprise A.  He's been busy!

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Flyvertigo's Nutball was posted plane#3

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#4 Was OnGuard with his Edge 3D plane

Here's the link to his first posting that showed the parts:

#5 was grimbeaver with his Divinity flying wing

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SGTalon up again with a Klingon Raider

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One of the partners finally gets time to build one - dz9sfb's F16

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And one by another partner - bz1mcr's Stingray

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Finally (for today) arguably the most complicated build of MPF yet SNice's Icon A5 at 52" span!

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RC C119 modeled after a childhood toy Davidterrell80

Chuck Gliders by msw1556

Sea Fury by dz1sfb

Hammer 38 by depronicus

Lil Ripper by Lawndartmike

Mig3 by Redwhiskers

Polaris (Polariii?)

Slowly with floats by Davidterrell80

Slowspit by Slowbipe

Swifty by dz1sfb